02170: Marvel's Mutant Problem

For as long as I can remember, the Marvel Universe has hated mutants. It's totally okay for people to develop powers later in life due to industrial accidents, years of training or aliens, but it's never good when you're simply born with your powers. It seems like a small distinction to make, but we all know how mutants have always been used as a sort of metaphor for various marginalized groups. Whether you feel like an outcast based on the color of your skin, your gender, or whatever else, the X-Men would have a story you could relate.

It just amuses me that despite all the time that has passed, the sheer diversity of Marvel heroes and the fact that even aliens live on Earth as superheroes and yet humans in the Marvel Universe still get worked up by mutants among them. They don't necessarily get upset about people with powers in general. It's easier to give hate a somewhat more narrow focus by nominating mutant kind as the best option.

But really, will the humans of the Marvel Universe ever move on? Will the editorial team ever think of a different metaphor for a marginalized group that doesn't have to be mutants? Will Cyclops ever get over himself? We may never know.