0216E: Highs And Lows

Yoshi had a weird day today.

Things started well enough in the morning. I gave him his supplements and delayed his first meal a bit in order to give him time to take that in. Soon he was eager for the morning meal and I was really happy to see him excited to eat. He finished his food and even got a bonus piece of chicken from me as I prepared more meal packs for the next week or so.

But then after lunch he ended up throwing up a lot of what he had eaten. He was rather listless after that point and not at all chipper anymore. He refused all snacks and even bananas unlike yesterday. Come dinner time he wasn't keen on eating his regular raw food meal. I managed to get him to take a few spoonfuls of the canned food that the vet had recommended but that's about it. Even that was a bit of a struggle for him.

I'm past wondering why Yoshi has anemia at this point. I just want him to get better.

Stay strong, Yoshi. We'll get you back to normal in no time.