0216D: Yoshi Progress

So Yoshi still has anemia and his appetite hasn't been where it needs to be. This past weekend was particularly stressful as he was eating about half his target daily intake and was also not inclined to enjoy treats like bones and bananas. It's quite heartbreaking to see your beloved pet this way and Tobie and I have been quite stressed about the whole thing.

Today was his scheduled follow-up with the vet after two weeks of supplements. His blood still isn't where it needs to be but there was a modest increase and so we're trying a different regimen of supplements to boost his system. Even though they cost an arm and a leg, I don't really care at this point. I just want him to get better.

Yoshi is showing marked improvement as of this afternoon, to be fair. He was a bit more active and he ate pretty much all of his dinner today. Considering how much effort went into trying to get him to eat anything all weekend, today's eagerness was a welcome change. He even had a little banana to spice things up and that's great.

We really hope that he starts to feel better soon.