0216B: Weekend Gaming Retreat

Marvel heroes versus Aliens

The usual holiday related traffic build-up seems to be in full swing as people try to juggle Christmas shopping with company Christmas parties and other similar gatherings and reunions all at the same time. More and more Tobie and I find ourselves camping at the BGC office on Friday nights instead of stressing ourselves out with the trudge through Metro Manila traffic just to get back to Cubao. We're somewhat fortunate to have this option on particularly busy days, but the fact that it needs to happen is always a cause of frustration and disappointment in our government among other factors.

And thus we tend to bring board games around with us when we expect things to get stressful and the like. That way we always have a means of entertainment even in the most sudden bouts of traffic. As long as we have Yoshi with us, it certainly helps take away a lot of pressure to rush across the city just to get back home to him.

The traffic does make it hard to make any big plans for weekends in December whether in terms of how far we're willing to drive or how far we're open to making friends travel in turn. That's always something to factor in and thus our invitations and other social commitments end up going through that back and forth review in our heads. Is it worth heading out into the madness for? Is it fair to ask friends to brave the madness to get to us? Repeat ad nauseum.

But a weekend is still a weekend. Helps to do your very best to make the most of things. And sometimes making the most of things might just mean sleeping all day and being as unproductive as possible.