0216A: Weekend Decision Trees

The irony of weekends is how you typically want to relax and shake off any stress from the work week but you may often feel too tired / lazy to actually want to leave the house. I think I'm in precisely that position right now as our plans for the night have toggled back and forth between going to O Bar or just staying home. Should we stay home, we're bound to end up playing board games and thus there's the question of whether or not we should invite other people over.

Tonight's decision tree hinged on which friends might go to O Bar as well. There were some key hold outs that we had identified in terms of good reasons to go out and since those people did not opt to go out or confirm they were going out, then our O Bar plans became very unlikely.

In truth, we're still at my office in BGC and stories of the traffic on EDSA continue to echo throughout social media. A friend might be coming over to join us since we had actually prepared a good number of games ahead of time to ensure we had a diversity of options for the night. We'll probably play until about 4 or 5 in the morning so we can head back to Cubao before traffics picks up again because all weekends of December are bound to be crazy.