02168: The Doctor Is In...LEGO

It's hard to find time to play videos games these days and so I felt particularly happy that I managed to squeeze in a few hours playing LEGO Dimensions before bed. I should have called it quits at 01:00am in order to focus on waking up early enough for work, but  ended up giving into the temptation of opening up the LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack to finally see how it would all come together. And given that the instructions for assembling his two vehicles - the TARDIS and K-9 - were only available in-game, I ended up staying awake almost 2 more hours after my projected sleeping time.

Needless to say the experience made it a lot harder to get up in the morning, but at least it was quite fulfilling. And I have to admit how much I'm enjoying this game, more so now that The Doctor has joined the ranks. Naturally his bonus level is centered around the need to go back in time and change things in order to create an advantage in the future where all the action is. This can involve planting a tree in the past in order to have something climb in the future. Really fun stuff.

I just hope that I manage to find time to play without sacrificing too much sleep. I can only so much at my age.