02167: Busy Busy News Day

Today the COMELEC Second Division moved to cancel Grace Poe's certificate of candidacy for President given she was unable to meet the appropriate residency requirements. Naturally her lawyers will file for an appeal and this story isn't over by any means, but it is certainly an interesting plot twist. It was interesting to note that the COMELEC decided not to make a definitive ruling on the question of her citizenship given her being a foundling and the fact that current laws and the constitution are silent on the citizenship of foundlings outside adoption.

US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton was found guilty of homicide today. Sure it wasn't the full murder charge and the court ordered damages seem pitifully low, but that's the way of things. Again expect an appeal and along discussion on how he should be imprisoned given the VFA and other such treaties with the United States. It may not be the full plea for justice that we hoped for Jennifer Laude, but it's still something to be thankful for.

Today the Surpreme Court also implemented a TRO against the COMELEC implementing the No Bio, No Boto policy that disqualifies previously recognized voters from participating in the 2016 elections due to lack of captured biometrics data. This should not have been a surprise to anyone since this measure is designed to protect the potential loss of more voters.

And in one of Duterte's first big speeches since confirming his decision to somehow run for the Presidency using a weird backdoor provision given the period for filing certificates of candidacy is over, he pretty much owned up to a lot of his sins and cursed the Pope while he was at it. A lot of his supporters are quite to try and dismiss his as "just the way he talks."

And today is World AIDS Day. Just thought I'd remind you of that significant fact.