02166: About Journeys And Dragons

So last night we finally wrapped up this significant chapter in our on-going Ryuutama game. We had been in the domain of a more tragic dragon for some time but we finally found a way forward in order to return home. We've managed things in such a way that we can return to the game in order to discover new stories to experience, although we're probably going to have to brave new sorts of stories since our initial dragon has also reached the end of his journey.

We're now tying to map our future games and hopefully return to somewhat heavier, more intensely dramatic games. But we're keeping Ryuutama in our back pocket as a contingency of sorts if the other games get too heavy. It's such a lovely game and one that provides such a distinct gaming experience that it's hard to compare it to everything else.

Good games are always worth celebrating. Even if you end up staying up way late just to get it done.