02164: An Ode to Legendary

It seems hard to believe that Tobie and I spent maybe 4 hours playing Legendary: A Marvel Deckbuidling Game for like four hours last night instead of diving straight into last night's crazy traffic. Yes, it's still just one game, but it's a pretty fun one with a great amount of diversity. And given how many expansions we already own (and a good number we're still going to get) the game has an amazing amount of play in it. It's the deckbuilding game we enjoy the most, especially given how disappointing Shadowrun is.

We're having a few friends over tonight to join us for games, so that should provide new play scenarios and other options. Or at the very least it'll make for a fun evening.

Side note: damn Jessica Jones is sooo good. We're only about halfway through the first season so far but man, the writing on this show is just phenomenal.