02162: Yoshi Update

So Yoshi seems to be on the mend, but isn't 100% yet. He's definitely less active than normal but he's a lot better than he was before he started taking his supplements. I know this may still be an artificial boost that may disappear once he's off his medication, but for now I'm thankful. He's definitely active when we decide to go out for a walk, but his idle time at the office is mostly spent sleeping in various corners and avoiding people in general.

And while he's not exactly jumping to eat his meals, at least he's still eating. He does hang around me a bit more when its close to his normal dinner time hours, which is nice. He used to run around me and follow me all over the place though. For now I guess we just need to be patient and let the medicines support him so he can address whatever problem seems to be causing all this.

I just hope he gets better sooner rather than later. Poor little guy.