02161: Blogging Economics

Mobile blogging today. This in itself is sort of ironic given what I've been considering. For most of this year whether during the tailend of my time with VXI or now during my time with Hashtag Interactive, I've been struggling to keep up with my blogging. It may have more to do with the fact that my career in recent years has involved a lot of writing and maybe that's making blogging more difficult.

I've reached a point of considering whether or not is time to give up on blogs like the Geeky Guide given my limited time. Tobie cautions me that maybe I should just reduce frequency of posts instead of killing a blog or two. It's something to think about. I follow a rigid content schedule that demands a lot both in terms of time for writing and time for consuming content to eventually write about.

Or maybe I should cancel older projects and start fresh. Maybe I just need something else to inspire me or act as a medium for some of my creative ideas. All possible things to consider.