02160: Food Options

A lot of people talk about great restaurants in BGC and I think Tobie and I have already tried a few like Genki Sushi. But a lot of these interesting restaurants are also quite expensive and not exactly practical options for day-to-day eating during the work week. Despite having access to a kitchen here at the office, I often find myself wondering what to eat every day and my general frugality tends to win out and I end up back at places like 7-Eleven. I also maintain a good number of canned goods at the office as well so I can just buy rice and make the most of things. But after a few months of working here, it can get a little tiring.

Sure, I should probably work on a more robust meal plan and actually spend more time cooking or something, but who really has the time? During the work day it's hard to have to think of cooking a meal while juggling everything else and so it can be quite the bummer. Of course I may be over thinking things and maybe this is more about my general dislike for cooking for myself. I enjoy cooking for both me and Tobie at the Sietch but cooking for myself always feels a little weird. And so I tend to end up with more food that I should probably eat and I'm never 100% sure what to do next. But again, probably just over thinking things.

And on late nights like tonight when I end up lingering at the office more while Tobie has work stuff to deal with, it becomes even harder to make that decision to either cook something or splurge a bit by eating out at some place other than a 24-hour convenience store I sort of did that tonight and I had a pretty generous Tokyo Tokyo dinner, even though the "authenticity" of them being a Japanese fast food place may be somewhat arguable. It did make for a bit of variation so that tomorrow I can probably go back to the "7-Eleven Every Day" life. I even have the rewards card for that.