0215F: Patient Yoshi

So it was rather surprising that Yoshi didn't react to his dinner yesterday in his usual excited manner Ever since we had transitioned to raw feeding, every single meal has been like a celebration of awesomeness for him and that's motivated us to continue feeding him in this manner. But yesterday he didn't even bother to come see what we were taking from the fridge and he actually chose not to eat. But it didn't help to panic so I put the food away and we tried again later in the evening once we were back home. He ate, but not with his usual gusto.

The lethargic behavior continued today and a chance yelp while picking him up as normally really started to get me worried about his current state of health. So I brought him over to the vet and it was determined he's suffering an unusual spell of anemia, but somehow a mild one as well. And since all other indicators were showing he's in good health (he's back to 4.1 kilos!) the doctor stated that the most likely cause is stress. How Yoshi got stressed staying home at Cubao all week is beyond me, although my working theory is that he got stressed out during my efforts to try taking him on walks up and down P.Tuazon in Cubao. Let's face it, walking in Cubao is worlds apart from what it's like to walk in BGC. And maybe that had an effect.

So Yoshi has vitamin supplements to help support him during this period and we'll see how things go in two weeks when I bring him back for a repeat test. He's still spends most of the day sleeping, but he showed a bit more interest when I prepared his dinner this evening, so that's good. I just hope he gets better soon. Stressful.