0215E: Regular Game Nights

Almost every month for this year, we've had a regular board game night with a good friend and her family. Regular game schedules are a blessing in gaming circles and our regular meet-up is always something to look forward to as we celebrate both great food and fun games all in one night. A lot of work goes into our game nights whether we're just talking about board games or full tabletop RPG sessions. And when you have groups who are as dedicated to the hobby as you are, it helps make all the work feel worth it.

We played a good mix of games last night and it was a lot of fun. Plus the beef stew was particularly yummy and I had no shame while gorging on it during dinner. Plus dessert experiments! Tobie and I make for such brave tributes as taste testers, haha!

The work week looms ahead and it's back to BGC and Makati for me and Tobie respectively. We'll make the most of what's left of the weekend and then get ready to get back into the grind by tomorrow.