0215D: At The Disco

So last night's Loco Over Retro event at O Bar was even more fun than anticipated. The night was divided into a celebration of different eras of music beginning with 60's-70's disco and moving on to 80's power ballads and funk before transitioning back to more contemporary stuff. Such nights tend to start really early and so we only had enough stamina to survive until the 80's before wrapping things up and heading home.

What was more novel about the event was the fact that the bar had been reorganized to feature a large dance area in the middle right in front of the stage. I actually had to try and remember how to dance the swing as part of the night's festivities and it was all good fun. The drag queen performances were awesome as always and I'm really happy for how some of the O Divas have really come into their own.

What I most remember was actually bringing Tobie out to the dance floor right in the thick of the dance period celebrating the 80's. I dunno there was something about having all that older music playing that made it feel like we had been dancing together all our lives. I want to write about this more, but I'll probably save that for a Baduy Pride post or something. This assumes I actually find the time to write my thoughts down.

Well, we need to get ready for a board game night at a friend's place. And yet I still head the music in my head and I feel the songs in my heart. It was a great night.