0215C: Friday Cometh

Yoshi missing the office AC
Well, APEC week has come to an end and as the last of the delegates leave, we can hope for Metro Manila traffic to return to its former self, which still isn't great but at least not as freakishly horrible as it has been in recent days. Seriously, it feels like all territories South of the core metropolis were pretty much cut off given the traffic on SLEX and surrounding areas because of the closure of Roxas Blvd. Re-opening the roads to traffic should bring the overall level of stress and aggravation in Metro Manila down a good number of pegs.

Tonight is the big Loco Over Retro disco-theme night at O Bar, and this requires that Tobie and I prepare ourselves much earlier. Normally we'd be able to arrive around midnight, but tonight's event requires we arrive around 9 or 10. But it should be good fun and I'm certainly looking forward to the night. It'll represent an interesting end to this most atypical week.

The weekend ahead holds for us a board game night and another session of our DC Heroes RPG. Not sure what else we'll be able to squeeze into the weekend, but we'll make the most of things.