0215A: Jumping Into Lego Dimensions

After trying a long internal debate about whether it was the right time to get into LEGO Dimensions, I finally took the plunge. I was thinking it would have been more practical to wait until we got ourselves a PS4, but I don't foresee us getting rid of our PS3 any time soon. So yeah, I got the starter pack.

And I figured that it's just going to be another LEGO game like all the others, and on some level it is. But at the same time they added some interesting mechanics based on the whole toy collecting game craze began with the likes of Skylanders. Given I had resisted that, Disney Infinity and even the recent rise of Amiibo figures, I think I'm allowed this little indulgence.

And while the play sets are rather expensive, I think it'll still be worth the investment in the long run. It's the easiest way for me to still enjoy LEGO without spending on full-size play sets, which are even more expensive. At least now I get fun mini-figures related to different popular franchises and they have in-game benefits.

Goodbye, money.