02157: Wonderland Illusions

Alice in Wonderland is always such a fascinating to explore given how it can start out very simple and whimsical but can easily be twisted into something darker and even more sinister. We've seen so many creative depictions of this world that include the happy Disney cartoons and the darker creations of American McGee to name a few. Tobie touched on this some time back during our first Changeling game and we're again experiencing the darker side of Wonderland thanks to BJ's Lamentations of the Flame Princess game.

Yesterday's game was particularly interesting since this interpretation of the Hatter involved a fearsome hedge maze and wibbly-wobbly temporal distortion moments, as I had mentioned yesterday. The fact that I'm still thinking about the game and talking about it just shows how much I had enjoyed the session. Good games are worth celebrating and yesterday's session was definitely a fun exploration of a lot of ideas that I enjoy. It made for quite a fulfilling RPG session. Huzzah geek life.

In other news, we're already seeing the signs of how bad traffic is going to be during the week of the APEC summit to be held here in Metro Manila. Although the formal problems take place next week, things have already been bad with all dry-runs for the traffic rerouting scheme. Then add in all the last-minute efforts to beautify the city with sudden paint jobs of street lanes and other public structures. Seriously, can anyone ever remember the last time the walls of the MRT and other tunnels in the city were ever truly white? And now they've spared no expense to make everything look better for all these delegates.

I can generally respect the need to prepare for foreign guests, but to go so far to pretend that the country is far better than it actually is feels very insincere. Special lanes for delegates ensure they get to their destinations faster, but it doesn't convince anyone that Metro Manila doesn't have some of the worst traffic in the world. Paying informal settlers to find other homes during the time of the visit does not change the fact that a ridiculous chunk of the population lives below the poverty line. All of these efforts to dress up the country feels too much like how the Marcos administration would do similar things just to clean up the city for their foreign guests. And that's pretty ironic given this is still an Aquino administration.