02156: Meeple Night

Tobie had a long work night to cap off his work week and Yoshi and I waited for him to finish before heading home. We got back to the Sietch closer to 02:00am and surprisingly had a friend who was hoping to play some board games since no one else was available. In the end we said yes and the notion of "a few board games" became a fairly epic game of Carcassonne that included Wheel of Fortune, Traders & Builders, Abbey & Mayor, The Princess and the Dragon and The Phantom all in one game. Most of the night ended up being dedicated to finishing this game, but it was certainly a lot of fun. We snuck in a game of Legendary Encounters as well, although we were thoroughly defeated by the Aliens this time around. It was a fun night even though I personally did not win in either game.

We managed to wake up just in time for our game session for Lamentations of the Flame Princess as run by BJ. Today's session was especially quirky given there was sort of a wibbly-wobbly time travel element involved in things. I was particularly pleased with how this session turned out - I ended up achieving a few milestones for my character's personal development since it worked with the narrative that had been set up. And we didn't die today - that's a good thing, too!

We have another game tomorrow and I'm sort of toying with the notion of finding time to drop by Komikon before the game. But we'll see - I also want to play more rounds of Legendary and see if we can't beat the Aliens this time around.