02152: Light In The Dark

After 12 years of working at night, it was certainly a welcome change to start working in the day. One of the primary goals had been to find more time to be with Tobie given more aligned work schedules and for the most part that still holds true.

There are just those odd nights when Tobie ends up staying at the office pretty late or even overnight because of work obligations, and this is all something that happens a lot more now than when I was still working nights. The irony is not lost on me, but it's not exactly a cause for frustration yet. For now it's more of something rather amusing if not a little ironic as well, depending on how you look at things. But yeah, now I'm the one with the more consistent daytime schedule and more and more Tobie's expanded responsibilities have him working later and later on a regular basis.

Life is funny that way. But it's not all dark. There's always are reason to be happy and to celebrate what we do have. And of course there's always better things in the future to look forward to as well.