02151: The Anti-Morrison Equation?

So I've finally gotten around to start reading Final Crisis after a recent Grant Morrison sale on comiXology made the title available along with a number of Batman books that Morrison worked on around the same time. I started with the different Batman titles and now I'm almost done with Crisis and my head is spinning. Morrison really has a lot for going full meta with his stories and trying to break things down to supposed fundamental concepts while at the same time dredging up old ideas and less appreciated characters in order to tell new stories. It's all an interesting approach to writing and can lead to some rather compelling stories. But it can also go the wrong way and become pretty crazy or even pretty silly.

Final Crisis definitely started off on a weird note with the murder of a god, a bullet that is the fundamental design for all bullets and was somehow shot through time itself and other artifacts like a book that is somehow all books ever created all at once? These things can sound pretty awesome on their own but when you have them all together in one arc and the result can make you raise an eyebrow. I can totally hear Tim Gunn's voice in my head demanding that this story be edited down somehow since it can very likely go off the rails. I can see why this story was a little contentious and didn't necessarily go well with all fans. But hey, you gotta dream big in order to tell some pretty big stories, too.

But man, this story really has a lot of crazy in it. We'll see if I'll retain my sanity all the way to the end.