02150: A Full Theater "Season"

We're fast approaching the end of the year and today we watched what could be our last play for the year. And given the fact that I drag Tobie to a bunch of different shows throughout then year, it always gets me wondering about how to cap things off at the end of every year. Statistically, whichever musical Repertory decides to run tends to become our last show, but maybe Red Turnip's staging of This is Our Youth might be a nice note to end our theater season on.

Like the other Red Turnip plays, the venue had the audience surround the stage, although the decision to use A Space provided a greater level of intimacy than ever before. And while I imagine the size of the venue also limited the number of potential tickets in total, it did create an interesting, more intimate atmosphere for a pretty emotional show. After all, it's a play that centers around the strong opinions of the youth, so that can get pretty jarring regardless. Keeping the audience that close to the "action" just enhanced the experience that much more, at least from my perspective.

We both enjoyed the experience and added a nice Mediterranean dinner to complete our little experience. The only way to take things to a whole new level would have been get a massage tonight as well, but alas this isn't in the cards for us tonight. But we'll see.