0214F: BGC Nights

Because of the horrors of Metro Manila traffic, Tobie and I end up "camping" at the office in BGC on some nights instead of going all the way home to Cubao. Our travel time every day averages about 3 hours total, which is probably still average for most folks in the city, but that still eats up a lot of time. Add in the fact that Tobie and I work in two different areas (which are at least relatively near one another) and on slightly different schedules and you aren't left with much of the day for just resting. So we end up figuring out if it's better to have dinner while in BGC or dinner back at Cubao in order to factor in traffic. And when we're finally home, the cycle is bound to repeat itself all over again.

More often than not we end up staying at the office when Tobie's car is subject to the number coding scheme the next day. Instead of waking up super early to get to the office before it becomes illegal for his car to be out, we opt to stay at the relatively closer location of BGC and figure out our travel arrangements from there. Even when Tobie leaves the car at his office, at least his Uber right to Makati isn't too bad the next day.

Since we didn't have any games scheduled for today, we ended up just staying over at BGC again on Friday night. We've just been lazing around and playing multiple rounds of Legendary and Five Tribes since those are the games that Tobie managed to bring with him. And that's nothing to sneeze at since Legendary alone has a lot of play in it. The only real question at this point is where we're going to have dinner since thus far we've been only eating junk or whatever short order food we can rustle up here at the office.

We will be going home to Cubao a little later. It's not too bad staying here, but of course there's no place like home.