0214E: Voltes V

So my order for the Soul of Chogokin GX-31V (40th Anniv.) Voltes V finally arrived by courier today and he's pretty darn awesome. And while part of me wishes that the figure was a bit taller, one can't argue with the overall quality of his die-cast assembly and versatile articulation.

As I'm really a Transformers fan before anything else, I can't ignore the cultural significance of Voltes V. He was the heroic cartoon back in the day and has also been used as a sort of symbol of the revolution against Marcos. Plus he's pretty darned cool, and this new release has a crazy amount of accessories like extra hands and of course all his weapons. Huzzah Japanese creativity!

I had long-delayed getting this figure because of my focus on Transformers, but a good deal for the 40th anniversary release had me reconsidering this moratorium of sorts. And while he's a bit of an outlier for my collection of toys, he's still a valued part of it.

It's the weekend now and it's one of those rare times we didn't schedule any game sessions. Then again, the holiday season is just around the corner and it typically becomes harder to schedule any sort of games during the fourth quarter of the year. While this doesn't meant that we won't play any games - Tobie and I are pretty happy to bring out a board game or two on our own. But it does mean we won't necessarily be entertaining guests, unless something changes. We'll see how the weekend unfolds.

Have a good weekend, everyone!