0214D: More Southern Cooking

Trying out new routines for me and Tobie. One of the bigger ones involves potentially cooking more meals at work instead of at home. Let's face it - it's easier to wait out the traffic a bit longer rather than dive straight into the thick of things. At the very least our travel time averages only an hour once past 08:00pm but we little significant improvement beyond that. Things only really begin to clear up maybe around 11:00pm and that already feels a little too late.

Trying to get back into cooking more, even if it's processed junk cans and such. We've been out a bit more than we should in recent weeks since we often feel too tired to cook anything ourselves. That's really just a bad excuse since at the very least we should get off our buts and heat up something to eat or whatever and we're trying to work on that. Plus eating out in BGC can be pretty expensive and only a few of our experiments in the area have proven to be truly worthwhile in terms of food quality. There's a lot of expensive hyped-up places here.

We do what we can to manage things. And the travel from Cubao to BGC/Makati every day is clearly taking a lot of out of Tobie. So little things like this help sort of balance things out, or at least give him more chances to rest and relax before needing to drive again.