02148: Halloween Gaming

So last night we met up with a few games for a timely Halloween horror game night here at BGC. Normally we'd have run the game over at the Sietch in Cubao, but the added challenge of holiday-related traffic made it more prudent to stay further south. And because of this decision, we also had a extra player spontaneously appear. Initially he just wanted to hang out until the worst of the traffic had passed and Uber surge rates were no longer too crazy. But instead he shifted from watching us playing Five Tribes to sitting in for his very first RPG session.

And for this game Tobie ran Wraith The Oblivion for us, which was quite interesting since I had been part of a prior Orpheus chronicle that seems to have a lot of connections with this game's setting. It was an interesting game that may not have been as horrific as one would expect, but it was certainly quite thoughtful and chilling in other ways. And while Tobie helped craft an interesting narrative for us to explore, I think it's safe to say that we as players ended up creating some very dark moments of our own without Tobie's prompting.

Gaming well into the night resulted in us spending a bit more time in BGC, which certainly wasn't a bad thing. We braved the crowds of Halloween families and let Yoshi explore Bonifacio High Street for a bit. He remained rather snobbish when it came to the different dogs that he encountered while there and yet had no problem with the crowds of people or all the kids who tried to go near him.

I do appreciate how pet-friendly the High Street area is given we were able to bring Yoshi with us while looking at board games at Hobbes & Landes or checking out the comic book deals at Fully Booked. The place really does support those of us with happy pets as a part of our family and I never realized how much I wanted to be able to have Yoshi with me while looking at books!

So yeah, as much as Cubao is still home in many ways, BGC does have its appeal. I may need to plot out our finances over the next few years and see what might be possible in terms of finding a place to stay in the area. It definitely won't be anytime soon, but perhaps we can plan out something in a few years.