02145: Chicken Soup

Family lore, mass media and even cartoons have long taught us that chicken soup is one of the best things to have when you're not feeling well. And that extends to our own culture with the time-honored tradition around our most popular chicken soup, tinola.

I'm bunking at the BGC office tonight since Tobie has a long night ahead of him at the office for a key deadline. On such nights going home doesn't seem all that appealing and so I now opt to just stay here and give Yoshi one less commute back to Cubao to deal with. And since I'm starting to feel a little under the weather, I decided to cook some tinola for dinner.

When you're growing up, your parents are the ones who prepare the soup and give some to you. As you grow up, you might learn how to cook it or at least know how to buy it. Once you've left home, it all becomes a question of choice and whether or not you're willing to cook even when you''re not feeling well. Otherwise, there's always canned soup.

It was a fair amount of prep work and I was ravenous by the time the soup was finished, but it was certainly worth it. And I might go back for a final bowl right before bed.