02143: Because Tobie Is Awesome

I've already said this a few times, but I'm really proud of Tobie, particularly for the gaming side of his life. Sure, as his partner I'm proud of a lot of things that he does (but maybe not the terrible puns) but his love for tabletop RPGs is something particularly interesting. And beyond that, the on-going gaming seminars that Gamers & GMs have been putting up have been a unique vehicle for showcasing his talents and getting more people to recognize his passion for the hobby along with his talents as a storyteller.

In turn, his influence has helped me learn a lot about RPGs to a point where I'm actually able to participate as as speaker or even as a panelist for these events. Our little discussion on how to play your character may not have been the most focused conversation about the subject, but it was certainly a fun one to participate in. And it's one where Tobie's efforts to try out so many different games really helped me explain to the group the different factors that affect games and the characters and share what insights I could. So yeah, that was pretty cool.

As much as gaming seems to take up a lot of our time, it's still an area that I wholeheartedly enjoy supporting Tobie in. I know in my heart that he's going to go far as he works on not just being a passionate fan of the hobby but also one its proponents as he comes up with his own original gaming material to share with the world. And I know that's just around the corner given his Patreon presence and all the encouragement the community continues to throw his way.