02140: Friday Adrift

At the end of a long, busy and quite tiring work week, sometimes it's hard to even think about doing something to relax. Instead you pretty much wander around the internet without purpose and scroll through your social media feeds and sort of wait for something to come along. Maybe your brain just feels tired after a busy week of getting things done and making a lot of progress at work. Maybe you should just get some sleep.

A lot of our weekend are dedicated to gaming but this Saturday is one of the rare free days that we've scheduled for ourselves. No scheduled games or other such obligations for tomorrow - hopefully just a day of rest. I still have some work that I hope to get done this weekend and we still have a gaming seminar to help run come Sunday. So even that one day may not be enough.

So for now I drift and wait for Tobie to escape his own work obligations so our weekend can begin in earnest. Fingers and toes crossed - I hope things turn out well. He's been pretty ragged as well and I know we both find our temperaments affected when we don't see one another in 24 hours.