0213D: Walking Yoshi

Photo by Jea
So after Yoshi stayed at home with Tobie on Monday, he was pretty eager to get back to "work" today. After our lengthy Uber trip to BGC, he was pretty keen on going for his walk around the area and he quite adorably marked just about every post and pole around the building in a weird rush to somehow re-establish his territory or something. Or maybe he was replying to "messages" left for him over the weekend or something.

Walking him has gotten a lot easier over the past few months and it really helped to get a few tips from my sister the last time she was in town. He's learned to respond to my tugs on the leash a lot more and so we have pretty steady walks now with less stops involving him totally dragging his feet or something.

I especially enjoy walking him when it's a little windier since his "mane" flies quite gracefully in the wind - at least while he's walking in the right direction. When he's downwind he ends up with as weird mop of a head and he can't see well anymore. But it's still quite cute. And our walks do help make the work day pass by just a bit faster.

I really ought to take a video of him walking, but I can only juggle so much while walking him.