0213B: Super Hero Sunday

This weekend has largely been defined around the anticipation for Typhoon Lando (International Name: Koppu) with most folks trying to be prudent about staying home. Metro Manila isn't directly in the path of the storm but we've had some rain and strong winds here and there. The provinces further north are taking more of a beating and for now the typhoon has slowed down dramatically and is dumping a lot of rain on the Philippines.

Like many other major holidays and stormy periods, the time is best spent gaming. And thus we are gathered at a friend's place tonight to play more of our on-going chronicle using the old DC Heroes system. Such fun. We fell into the classic comic book trap of the villain who uses mental trickery to get us to fight one another. This is one of those times that I'm happy that I designed my character to be a tank - otherwise I would have taken a lot of damage.

Mostly windy for now. Let's hope things don't get worse overnight.