0213A: Sushi Surprise

I have a thing for conveyer sushi establishments, although these days we only have Sakae Sushi that does that sort of thing. But recently it was announced that Genki Sushi has setup shop in BGC and so later after work we decided to finally check the place out. It may not be a conveyor sushi establishment, but it does have a quirky delivery system.

But it's not exactly your typical fast-food place. The quick delivery trains are there because each plate of sushi is assembled upon ordering and is delivered straight to your table in a speedy fashion. The place offers a nice mix of different plates and their salmon is pretty delicious.

We built up a bit of a bill during our session but we totally have no regrets. And we're certainly going to go back for another round when we have the time. It's not too far from the office, so I'm pretty excited.