02137: The PHP100 Game

My graveyard call center life resulted in a LOT of time spent in 24 hour convenience stores. We didn't always have as many 24-hour food options as we do today and so more often than not I'd have to content myself with whatever was most decent at places like 7-Eleven and Ministop.

So as a weird way of celebrating while budgeting, I used to play around with testing just how much food I could get without exceeding PHP100. This typically means no drinks and can involve a rice meal and probably a hotdog and not much else. It doesn't sound like much, but it was a way to make the repeated 7-Eleven trips a bit more interesting.

Until today, I find myself still playing the"game" for no real reason, even as I have more eating options now that I finally work in the daytime. So yes, the BGC life still means a lot of trips to either 7-Eleven or Ministop instead of me splurging on more expensive places to eat. And I still find myself assembling meal orders that fit within P100 but manage to remain filling.

I need better hobbies.