02133: Gaming With Friends Again

So yesterday ended with an impromptu game night since some good friends were free. As much as we put a lot of effort into inviting new people to game with us and perhaps create more board game enthusiasts, there will always be those people that you just enjoy playing with. And since they hadn't always been free to join our game nights, we were more than open to keeping the calendar free for them.

Last night we played Shadows Over Camelot with the Merlin's Company expansion, then we played Machi Koro with both the Harbor and Millionaire's Row expansions, and then we finally gave Fairytale Gloom a shot. And there was a lot of back and forth talk and perhaps a fair amount of shade too, but all in all it was a great night. And we're all the better for it.

But now we need to get ready for a meeting / social event for the somewhat more formal gaming group that we're involved in. It should be a fair amount of fun, but I expect we'll also have a lot of serious discussions to get into as we map out future seminars and the like,