02131: Yoshi's Meal Variety

After this month's big Shopwise grocery run, Tobie and I are left with the task of sorting pretty much one month's worth of groceries before wrapping up for the night. And hitting the grocery after work resulted in us getting back home past 11:00pm because First Wednesdays be crazy.

One of the big drivers for our grocery shopping now is getting the ingredients for Yoshi's meals. His big raw feeding transition has been pretty great for him and we're happy to continue on this path. But it also means shopping in advance and a lot of prep work to get his meals all set out. Plus you can save a lot of money when you switch to raw feeding and you also get a much happier dog.

This month is the first I've been able to get my hands on some chicken feet to provide calcium for his diet. Thus far I've been using chicken necks as my bone element, but I've been eager to try the feet. So immediately after getting home from Shopwise, I ended up chopping up all the feet and necks ahead of time for full meal assembly the next day (this being today). The amount of feet and necks that you see above only cost P50 in total. And I managed to stretch this stuff across at least 18 days worth of meals, which is awesome.

It's rather grizzly work to get everything prepared, but I'm generally getting better at it. I now come up with a sort of assembly line as I get all the different ingredients together and then I bag them in meal-sized doses and store them in the freezer for the month. It can be quite calming when you allow it to be.

Yes, I'm nerding out over what we feed Yoshi. And it is awesome.