02130: First Wedesnday is Shopwise Day

So it's the first Wednesday of the month, so it's our monthly grocery day at the Sietch. We've been doing our best to keep up with this practice ever since Shopwise gave up offering 2x rewards points for all goods that could fit in the reusable canvass bags in favor of a once-a-month promo that offered up to 10x your reward points for purchases made on the first Wednesday of any month.

Our domestic calendar sort of revolves around the First Wednesday commitment and I've racked up a ridiculous amount of rebates over the years. They expire after 6 months from the time they were earned, but I've done a pretty decent job of regularly spending the earned credits for, well, more groceries. It's actually a pretty good deal - and here you can see that I've used up already PHP100k. Whew!

If ever Tobie and I were to move to a new place, I'm not sure if I'd be ready to give up on Shopwise just yet. My whole grocery cycle sort of revolves around this working, as difficult as it is to dash back to Cubao on a Wednesday night coming from Makati or BGC. But for now it still make sense and I suppose I'll figure out some other cost-benefit grocery system should we ever need to move to a new location. At least the Rustan's in the area is quite lovely and will still take my Shopwise card. Maybe they have points promotions of a similar nature that I'm just not aware of yet, eh?