0212F: Pretty Tired Again

I managed to get a massage last night. It wasn't the best that I had ever received and not even par for the course for that particular masseur, but you can't always "win" at such things. It did help work out the worst of my aches and pains at the time.

Today has been rather busy and my brain isn't quite in the best state to write too much. I've been doing a lot of writing and thinking and reading and all the other little tasks that sound pretty simple on the surface or when taken individually but can be quite different once taken all together. And it's all about the nature of the writing in question and perhaps how seriously I take things. Long story short, brain work is still tiring work.

So I ended up ordering McDonald's for dinner since cooking is a little beyond me and now I'm just waiting for Tobie to make his way here so we can all go home together. And then the cycle will repeat all over again tomorrow.