0212D: Blinders to HIV Awareness

So we just watched The Normal Heart today, and it was pretty good with some quirks here and there - I'll write a full review on the Geeky Guide later in the week. It's a definitely a heavier drama with a pretty strong message tied to the fight against HIV/AIDS, which continues on today. For a story set in the 1980's when people still didn't know what HIV was or even know how it was spreading, a lot of the dialogue and themes in the show still feel like things we're facing in the Philippines today. We have one of the highest if not the highest HIV infection rates in the world and we still don't see a truly concerted government response.

There's still so much irrational fear about the virus, and thus fear about even getting tested. There's a lot of frustration in the community about how we don't have a cure and how the government doesn't be taking an active role in stopping its spread. There's willful ignorance as people think they can't possibly get infected and continue to engage in risky behavior. So many, many stories.

It makes you angry - and that's potentially part of what the play hopes for, I think. But will it inspire enough action among people? Will this lead to any change in how we're handling this epidemic?

At the end of the day, any change begins with the individual. And that's the biggest challenge.