0212B: Friday Night at Home

So we're finally home after pretty much three days. Crazy deadlines on the Tobie front resulted in us staying at the BGC office. Actually, us may best refer to me and Yoshi since Tobie spent a straight 32 hours at work in line with aforementioned deadlines. Pretty stressful.

We have a game board night set for tonight and another one for tomorrow, which is all good. Sunday we have a play to catch and then a quick RPG session to cap off the weekend. It sounds busy, but it's not really. It sounds like a lot, but the weekend will be over sooner rather than later.

And I have a bit of a gap in tomorrow schedule that will most likely be filled with me catching up on some work stuff that I didn't have time for.

Yoshi is adorable. But his "beard" area is still somewhat yellow from the turmeric added to his food.