02129: Late to Market

Despite working in BGC for almost 3 months now, it's only today that I visited Marketplace by Rustan's over at the end of Bonifacio High Street. Over the past 2+ months I've been contenting myself with the Robinson's Supermarket near Burgos Circle and saying that it was a quaint enough supermarket despite it's strangely curated collection of items.

I don't think people appreciate the fact that I can totally geek out over supermarkets, but this was definitely a clear case of supermarket geekery being an absolutely requirement. It's such a pretty supermarket with lovely looking produce and a wide variety of good and brands and it's all just so pretty! How could I have missed it so far?

Plus I can still use my Shopwise card there so I can both earn more points and redeem my rebates to pay for groceries. Today I ended up going to Marketplace twice - first for supplies for the office and again to get something for dinner for me and Tobie.

Such a pretty supermarket. I cannot get over it. And the prices are still similar to Shopwise prices, so things don't necessarily feel overpriced, which is brilliant.