02128: Walking Yoshi

Yoshi is a rather peculiar dog and he has a wide variety of quirks. And since the transition to my new job with the BGC office, I'm starting to see more of them. In particular, BGC has allowed us to walk Yoshi more and he has a whole different set of behaviors associated with his walking.

I can tell when Yoshi is in the mood for a walk and when he's just not into it. I kind of force him to walk first thing when we arrive so he can do his business before we head up to the office, and this is always a hit or miss time. He'll tolerate a bit of walking up until a point, and then he'll make it know that he wants to go to the office by dragging his feet or tugging in the opposite direction of our usual walk.

There are the good times when he really wants to walk and he'll be all excited even before I consider getting the leash. You'll just see it in his movements that he's ready to go out and he'll be quite insistent about it. And once you're out in the open, walking him will be a breeze and he'll be trotting along proudly with his white mane flying in the wind. He'll walk even farther than normal and will be pretty happy to interact with people and bushes and maybe other dogs.

That's one thing - he seems to maintain a sort of cautious curiosity when it comes to meeting other dogs. He'll want to at least give them a sniff and a bit of a greeting but then he's also quite quick to move on. For some reason other dogs don't seem to hold his interest for long - or maybe he's just eager to get back into the air-conditioned office.