02126: Gamer-Centric Sunday

The last Sunday every month is generally reserved for the monthly gaming seminar, which is a gathering of tabletop RPG aficionados. These seminar days started as efforts to "train" potential GMs in the art of running RPGs and has evolved in a mini-convention of sorts with fewer talks than before but way more open tables for different games.

Tobie had both a talk and a game to run today and that's quite a lot of work. He's already sound asleep now and I'm going to try to get a few more errands done before formally heading to bed. I have an hour to get all my chores done and we'll see what I can manage given the time left and my limited energy as of this time. But as always, I'm crazily proud of him and what he has accomplished and the amazing insights he's able to share with other people. All bias aside, Tobie is really passionate about the hobby and that shows in how he talks about games and the thought that he puts into his games. And that's a very good thing indeed.

The seminars are a great thing that is certainly acting as a great way to celebrate the hobby and help people get in touch with other players and GMs. Given the many, many games that are out there, there is just so much to explore and experience and these seminars are a fun way to get people more exposed to different games and such.

Well, any weekend will never feel long enough, even a long weekend like this one. Time to get back into the work mindset.