02125: Wedding Daze

So my cousin got married today. She's only the second member of our "generation" that has gotten married - at least with respect to our part of the family that all used to live in a single house / complex. It's weird to see someone take on this big step in her life journey when you all remember playing make-believe games or messing up clay. Such is life.

It was a quaint little event and weddings always have me thinking about how I might arrange a wedding ceremony should the time (and legal option) actually come along. This wedding had some genuinely creative ideas that are worth considering and has me thinking of other possibilities. Dreaming is free after all.

But more than anything it was rather fun to be among family again. Many a summer was spent with my cousins and so it's always fun to catch up and see how everyone is getting along in life. Yes, we all grow up in time.

I've arrived home to a game night in-progress. Back to childish geekery.