02122: Writing for Work

We moved my desk again

I guess it shouldn't have come as a surprise that my work involves writing, something that I've always had an appreciation for and somewhat of a knack for as well. I did not expect that I'd end up in a marketing role, but at least digital marketing does seem to make more sense and still feels like something in my wheelhouse.

Today involved a lot of writing and a lot of creative thinking and a lot of marketing speak and it was glorious. I love my job, not matter how stressful it can get or how horrible the daily commute to and from work is.

Leaving the BPO world after 12 years was definitely one of the scariest decisions I've made in my professional career, but I have no doubt that it was still the right thing to do at the time.

But right now, I just want to go home. Enough business writing for today! Back to blogging and personal writing of that nature. That's better, right?