02121: Almost as Good as New

So this is my current layout of phone screens after yesterday's big factory reset. It took a few tries before we actually got my phone to reset all data back to factory settings and naturally it took more time to update back to the latest version of Android. Google's backup service tried to restore my apps as well, but sometime in the night the download process was interrupted and so I woke up with an incomplete smart phone.

I feel like I've spent a better part of the day individually queuing apps for re-downloading and configuring all apps again with my logins and settings preferences. I'm just glad that my paid apps retained necessary data such as all the Companions I had earned in Doctor Who: Legacy or my play streak for Elevate.

This being an HTC One, I decided to finally move away from HTC's Blinkfeed and took this reset as an opportunity to redefine my phone experience. The third screen with today's date, time and weather along with a preview of my Hangsouts and SMS messages is actually the default home screen while the screens to the left are more work-related and the screen to the right is more leisure-oriented. Oddly enough, this means that I swipe left for distractions but I swipe right for work.

Performance seems to be back to standard, at least for now, and the unpredictable reboots have stopped. Plus a lot of the slowness and bugginess that I had been experiencing as of late also seems to have resolved. So many it's not quite time to get a new phone. We shall see.