0211E: A Good Weekend Start

Last night the O Divas of O Bar put on a fabulous Cher-themed night. We brought a friend in need of a little escape from reality for a bit and you can't quite top O Bar as a great little happy place to run to. Had a lot of fun with friends. Didn't get too drunk. Got home safely.

Today we had a pretty fun RPG session with BJ leading the story. This group is rather diverse and how we come together makes for interesting game sessions. Plus Tobie and I get to be this crazy husband and wife team who are so different from who we are in real life.

Didn't go to the Asia POP Comicon. Didn't go to the Manila International Book Fair. Let's see what happens tomorrow - but we still have a game session scheduled in the afternoon. So yeah, #priorities.

At least Yoshi is happy. I need to make sure to pick up more food for him though.