0211C: Too Much Geekery

As with most other weekends, we have full gaming calendar ahead. There are games for both Saturday and Sunday with the remote option of squeezing something in Friday night if we feel crazy enough.

However, this weekend is also this year's Manila International Book Fair. We don't always attend, but it's always nice to check it out even though I already have way too many books.

This weekend is also the Asia POP Comicon, which includes some interesting international guests and even some exclusive movie footage for some geekier properties due to be released next year and beyond.

Both sound like fun, geeky events. However it's really a question of time. And for now, we already have prior commitments in place that were scheduled a month ago, so those take precedence. Plus game days are still more fun than conventions, especially since we just came from Singapore and bought a heck of a lot of stuff there.