0211B: A Legendary Collection Indeed

During our Singapore trip last week, we picked up a copy of Legendary: Secret Wars - Vol. 1 over at Paradigm Infinitum. It's probably a bit more expensive over there than it will be once it hits some local dealers, but we're just happy to already have it. Around the same time, Tobie made arrangements to secure a copy of Legendary: Dark City through a work colleague and that set was waiting for us by the time we got home.

So as of today, we pretty much have all of the Legendary core expansions, not counting the sub-line Legendary: Villains. It still surprises me just how quickly we ended up gathering all the different expansion for the game given we only really started playing it back in August when we first got the base set. But the game has proven to be a lot of fun and we're glad to be able to explore the game further and pit ourselves against the various Villain Masterminds with their nefarious schemes and whatnot.

And we can't forget the fact that we have the Aliens-focused Legendary Encounters and we actually had a chance to get Legendary: Predator, but we opted not to given it was way more expensive than it should be. We can wait - we still have the Marvel game to play through plus we have yet to try mixing the Marvel cards with the Alien cards. Such fun!

Our collection so far:

Sets we will eventually get:
  • Legendary: Villains - A Marvel Deckbuilding Game
  • Legendary: Villains - Fear Itself
  • Legendary Encounters: A Predator Deckbuilding Game