02119: Back Home

Smelly leg massagers at the airport!
It was another long and tiring trip home. Naturally we were at the airport super early in order to avoid pre-flight stress. The flight itself was largely uneventful, especially since we both didn't get any sleep the night before out of fear of missing the flight.

Immigration and baggage claim at NAIA was a lot less stressful than before, which we can try to take as a sign of progress. But then we went straight to Paranaque to pick up Yoshi and then back North again to finally get home to Cubao. We spent the first hour or so unpacking our gear and getting the Sietch back in order with tasks such as having the laundry picked up and ordering more drinking water.

Beyond that, we're pretty beat and maybe we can save further blogging until tomorrow.

Yoshi bids you good night.