02113: Shorter Posts Lately

If it hasn't been overly apparent, I've been experimenting with posting shorter blog posts around here. We're not quite in Tumblr territory, but at times it feels that way, at least compared to what I usually write. But the daytime commute and dealing with more Metro Manila "rush hour" on a regular basis can be pretty stressful and it takes up a lot of time. So shorter posts seem prudent since I'm pretty drained by the time I get home. A lot of times, I've been blogging from my phone, which again lends credit to shorter posts making more sense.

At the same time, I remain irrationally dedicated to The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything as a blog and so I want to continue to write reviews for the site despite everything else going on in life. Work drains me of a lot of my writing energies but I'm still not letting that get in the way of my other blogging nor do I feel right about considering reducing post frequency. Stubborn, stubborn, Rocky.